Hello and welcome to the Oxford Co-operative Training Scheme (OCTS) Website. 

OCTS  and Incorporating  Covid-19 Safe Practices to its Training Delivery

OCTS would like to thank all its customers for the understanding they showed at the onset of the Covid-19 Pandemic which resulted in all courses being cancelled.  Over the past few months, we have used this opportunity to review our position and think creatively how we  resume our service.  As with many other training establishments this has led us in the direction of delivering a selection of our courses online,

The Covid-19 pandemic has been a challenge for us all and  although education has been given the go ahead to continue face-to-face we have decided to deliver all our selection of courses on line for the time being .

OCTS is now managed and administered by the Homeless Oxfordshire, Reconnect Project.  

OCTS was  originally formed in 1985 by an inter-agency collaboration to improve access to training for workers who traditionally may have  missed out on formal education in the past,  performing frontline roles, in the voluntary and statutory sector.

Following continuous review of this provision,  training  needs for all workers in or associated with  front line roles, regardless of previous education attainment was identified. This was for training with a particular emphasis on being able to better understand the  multiple and complex problems clients using these services present with, that impact their ability to engage with or benefit from  service providers in a helpful way.  By service providers we mean voluntary and statutory sector services such as housing, health, education and social care. Courses tend to be pitched at introductory/intermediate level  and between one or two days duration.

OCTS  has a rigorous monitoring and evaluation process which together with  feedback from its users and informed decisions made by representatives of the OCTS executive  committee is how decisions are made about its continued development and courses provided. 

The executive committee is made up of members who reflect a  range of local statutory and voluntary agencies.