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Oxford Homeless Pathways
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OCTS was formed in 1985 by an inter-agency effort designed to improve access to training for workers who traditionally missed out on appropriate training.  OCTS remains a co-operative initiative that is planned and run by the people who need it and who use it.  

OCTS’s aim is to offer affordable, appropriate training to those ‘front-line’ workers in residential settings, day centres, advice centres and the community etc, who are working with clients many of whom have multiple and complex problems.

Level one courses are for a one or two day duration and level two programmes vary, but tend to comprise of around eight sessions run fortnightly over several weeks.


Quality training at an affordable pricing point is a key concept and prices are based simply on the need to cover costs. Course content and development are user-based and meetings of the elected executive committee, throughout the year, deal with putting suggestions for courses into practice.

It is essential for the courses offered to be well supported.  If you don’t use it you will lose it!

Currently, the executive committee is made up of eight members who come from a wide range of statutory and voluntary agency backgrounds. Gail Siddall, Chair, is also a board member of the Oxford Homeless Pathways, Lucy Flanagan who is Secretary, works for Oxford Homeless Pathways as does Mike Slater, who is OCTS Treasurer.

Please  get in touch with us if you have any ideas or suggestions.

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OCTS Venue - The Cherwell Centre
Norham Gardens Oxford OX2 6QB

Providing high quality, low-cost and accessible training to front line staff within the voluntary and statutory sector in Oxfordshire.